Try to imagine the harsh reality of hundreds of people: parents with young children, veterans who served our country faithfully, women escaping domestic violence or human trafficking...all kinds of people who have one thing in common: no place to call home. Certainly not a home that is comfortable, loving, and safe.
Now imagine such a home, more than four walls and a roof, but a community, one that instills value and worth in every person. A place that helps people transition from hopelessness to hope. One where people feel loved as Christ loves them.
This is the vision of Everybody's Place.

It will be a community of homes for families and individuals in Galveston County who are living in substandard housing, sleeping in their cars, or constantly transitioning from place to place because they have no home.
We are in the process of bringing Everybody's Place to life.
It will be the best expression of the body of Christ, one that embraces everybody and invites people to join Jesus in his mission to bring the Kingdom of God to a broken and hurting world.
We are excited to introduce you to Everybody's Place!