The Vision

As followers of Jesus, we are building a community of homes for people in Galveston County experiencing homelessness and inviting the larger community to a lifestyle of love and service.

A Plan for Everybody's Place

We will be a home and a community for people who do not have a home or community.

We will provide permanent, supportive housing for families and individuals.

We will inspire the greater community to a lifestyle of love and service. No matter one's religion, faith or absence of faith in God, this is a place where we can work together with a common purpose.

We will be the best expression of the body of Christ in Galveston County. People who follow Christ coming together, despite denominational, theological, doctrinal, stylistic differences, to love our neighbors in need.

We will create a community where people are supported, have dignity, and experience the kindness and goodness of God in practical ways.

Much more than four walls and a roof
Much more than four walls and a roof

What makes Everybody’s Place different from every local shelter, boarding house or  temporary/transitional housing solution is that we’re more than housing. Everybody’s Place is an actual solution to homelessness that is built on five essential building blocks:

Home: Comfortable, safe and attractive. Residents pay rent (never more than 30% of their income) and abide by a community covenant.

Health: Offering access to medical and mental health services along with on-site supportive services. Services include social workers and classes to encourage recovery from substance abuse, healing from emotional wounds, healthy eating, budgeting and relationships.

Work: Helping residents find meaningful work and a dignified income through career development opportunities, resume writing and job networking.

Community: Creating a culture of acceptance, grace and joy where those without family discover a caring support system. Each person will be valued, loved and given another chance.

Spirit: Every person is deeply and permanently loved by God. Our circumstances and decisions can’t change this Truth. Introducing people to the unlimited and unending love of God, perfectly revealed in Jesus Christ, is the heartbeat of Everybody’s Place.

One Day...Everybody's Place will be

A +/-25 acre parcel of land

  • In unincorporated Galveston County
  • Located on the public transportation route
  • Visible and accessible to jobs…and volunteers

A community of homes 

  • Potential for 100+ homes on 25 acres
  • Organized in “neighborhoods” of 12-15 homes
  • The homes would be one, two, and three bedrooms
  • The site will be designed in a way that affords the highest amount of safety for our residents
  • Homes will be attractive and beautifully decorated with new furnishings, giving a sense of value and dignity to every resident
  • Each resident would pay monthly rent that is fair and affordable
  • Every person would be required to be able to live independently
  • We will be “low threshold” with simple expectations
  • Expectations include (1) pay rent on time, (2) obey civil law, and (3) abide by agreed-upon community expectations

A community center that offers multiple services for our residents including:

  • Meeting space for social worker/case management
  • Vocational training
  • Substance abuse meeting space
  • Entrepreneurial/businesses start-up training 
  • GED offerings
  • Medical/dental clinic
  • Hair cuts/salon
  • Computer center
  • Library
  • Chapel
  • Large gathering space for community meals
  • Kitchen 
  • General store
  • Offices
  • A day care/after school care



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